male slave wanted - Age 40

Location: leeds

Independent lady looking for a male slave to do exactly as i ask. You will be required to be clean, discreet and honest and have the ability to take orders as and when required by me. Duties will include general household cleaning, washing my car, help with my garden and occasional DIY.
For this you will be rewarded with the occasional cup of tea/coffee and a snack if i think you've worked hard enough. I will supply all cleaning materials and you may dress as you please but you will not remove any item of clothing without permission from me.
I am NOT offering any "personal" services and you will be told to leave immediately if you so much as suggest it.
You will not expect payment from me though you are welcome to leave me a donation if you so wish.
Abusive or foul language will not be tollerated but you will be expected to accept any amount of "VERBAL" abuse i may throw at you. Get in touch with me by e-mail through this site if you have what it takes to be my slave.

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